Our Vision

To build an online community of artists and businesses to network for:

  • Creative Collaboration

  • Sharing Knowledge

  • Inspiring Events

    The music industry is a multi-billion dollar economy. Let’s ensure Artists do not get left behind.

    Let’s build a sustainable, resilient music industry for Artists, together.


For Businesses

Are you looking for Artists for a business event, private function or perhaps to  liven up a retail space?
Browse through our Artists’ Gallery or Contact us directly to discuss your needs. We can help advise the most suitable type of entertainment and recommended artists to suit your requirements.

For Artists

Managing the marketing, branding, looking after accounts … whilst keeping your musical and creative skills honed can be a tremendous juggling act. We built this platform to hopefully help make your career success just a little less challenging by our:
Employment Notice Board
Promoting Artists’ concerts and news
Sharing Industry knowledge from experts and peers
Business Advice
If you wish to discuss specific concerns or if you need assistance with marketing, legals etc, we are here to help or point you in the right direction.

Our Team

Our Team (page coming soon) includes experienced professionals from a range of different sectors to provide you with the best tools and advice for your career, including:  ​
  • Music Business Advisors 
  • Media Producers
  • Graphic Designers/ Printers
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Music Managers ​
  • Entertainment Lawyers 


Our Consulting Services

  • Marketing & Management
  • Career Coaching
  • Performance Brand Development
  • Logo & Website Design
  • Professional Headshots/ Photography
  • Promotional Media Production
  • Promotions, PR & Marketing
  • Performance and Publishing Contracts

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